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November 14, 2013
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PMA - Lachlan by Tutyr PMA - Lachlan by Tutyr





Pokémon;; Charizard (shiny)
Nickname;; Lachlan; not his original name
Gender;; Biologically female (♀); identifies as male (♂)
Birthdate;; August 9th (Leo)
Current Age;; Seventeen
Orientation;; Demisexual; doesn't mind either gender or none at all

Father;; Avalon - Garchomp (♂) - inherited Dragon Pulse
Mother;; Andromeda - Charizard (♀) - possibly inherited the shiny gene mutation
Siblings;; Potentially hundreds; he isn't familiar with any of them

Romantic Partner;; N/A
Offspring;; N/A

Pokemon Stats

Current Level;; Forty-five
Nature/Trait;; Lax; strongly defiant
Moves;; Dragon Pulse | Shadow Claw | Flame Burst | Wing Attack
Normal Battle Stats;;
Attack;; Star!Star!Star!No StarNo Star
Defense;; Star!Star!Half StarNo StarNo Star
Speed;; Star!Star!Star!No StarNo Star
Sp. Attack;; Star!Star!Star!Half StarNo Star
Sp. Defense;; Star!Star!Half StarNo StarNo Star

Residence;; Route 13; as odd as it would be for a dual Fire/Flying-type to frequent Route 13, he is comfortable in the searing desert heat due to having grown up and toughened in such an environment. To be more specific, there's a plateau not all that far from the Kalos Power Plant (making commuting to work a cinch) that overlooks much of the desert terrain.

The plateau is home to an internal cave system where the Charizard version of Lachlan happily makes his home; it's away from people, it's away from the city, there's plenty of room to fly, and he can horde precious items like any dragon would do within the cave system.

He's constantly defending his home from other Pokémon, particularly unwelcome Sableye that attempt to eat some of his items. Territorial disputes with resident Dragon-types are all too common, and there's always fun to be had playing whack-a-mole with Diglett pests.

Appearance;; In Charizard form, there are actually a few things separating him from the norm. First and foremost is his lack of a rotund belly the species is known for. Being bred from a long line of specially picked Dragon-types and dragon-esque Pokémon has allowed for a bit of a mutation to occur within the line, allowing him to be more streamlined and lean.

Another major difference lies in his forearms; they aren't the typical arms suffering from T-rex syndrome where they're simply too short to really function. His limbs are most likely a result from her grandfather being a Salamence, and granting him the ability to have better functioning limbs. They also allow him to sit (as shown above) and, although rarely, stand like a quadruped animal. In spite of this, he is mostly biped and stands at the average 5'7".

Another notable feature are his wings; they are physically larger, but much more aerodynamic and granting him better flight than the norm. Other than that, he's a typical black Charizard.

PokeHuman Stats

Occupation;; Lachlan works as a part-time mechanic, being highly familiar with machines thanks to his time spent in Pyrite, at the Kalos Power Plant and can spend hours ogling a well-oiled machine like any other male would the next big model.

Lachlan specializes in anything clockwork. The more new-fangled technology like Holo Casters and PokeDexes are just a little beyond his comprehension, but with enough time and patience, he may be able to figure out what all those buttons and flashing lights mean.

Sadly, due to being a century or two late to the tech party, finding work with clockwork machines is a bit difficult, so he has a 'secondary job' that pays the bills in his more human residence.

'Mercenary' would be the title of his second job. When he's not busy working with wrenches and screw drivers, he's making tons of moolah off of people that need a certain job done. He's not particularly picky on what sort of job it is, though he tends to make a pretty penny off of bodyguard work.

Town of Residence;; Lumiose City, or at least he'd like you believe that. Lumiose City is more of a secondary home than anything, and a cover-up for his human side.

His home on Route 13 is, admittedly, much more comfortable as well as fitting for a dragon-esque critter like him, especially since he can sleep on a mountain of treasure. His place in Lumiose isn't as natural or grandiose as his jewel-filled cave, but it serves its purpose as a shabby, run-down three-room apartment. Hey, the kitchen's in the living room. At least he can cook and watch TV at the same time if he chose.

There's also a phone there with a certain contact number for certain people looking to hire a certain someone for a certain job. But don't tell anyone.

Appearance;; Just about everything Lachlan does to his human form is to look as masculine as possible, including, but not limited to, taping down those annoying girl assets called 'boobs'. That stupid Dittech he has didn't exactly read his gender correctly it actually did and supplied him with the wrong human parts. So, he opted to manually make himself flat-chested.

Sadly, there isn't much he can do about his slight curvature. A good portion of it is hidden by his scrawny demeanor (possibly a side effect of being more aerodynamic and lean than the typical Charizard) and slightly baggy and loose attire. It would take more than eyes to see that things just aren't quite right with the assumed male identity, but he can pull it off with personality alone. A good eye might be able to see through the ruse, however.

In human form, he stands at three inches shorter than his actual form, at 5'4". There's also a drastic decrease in weight, but that's classified.

As far as attire goes, he can be found sporting clothes that don't exactly have a lot of variation in colour from the shiny Charizard scheme; it's dominated by the same black as his scales, including the goggle rims, sleeveless jacket, pants, and army-grade-looking boots. The lens of his goggles, various ribbons 'round his biceps, belts, and boot soles are the crimson-esque shade of red. He also wears a rather long scarf of the same colour.

Optional attire includes his shirt, which is the same dismal tan as his Charizard underbelly, and gloves. If he chooses not to wear his shirt, he'll still wear the bandages that keep his form masculine 'round his upper chest. Without gloves, he has no qualms being bare handed. He's more likely to be a little more self-conscious without these, though.


Personality;; { Lazy | Ambitious | Fierce | Disloyal | Artistic | Adrenaline Junky | Free | Unlawful | Greedy | Sociopathic | Semi-Nihilistic | Sassy | Rude }

Lachlan, simply put, does what he wants, when he wants, where he wants, how he wants, and he won't be taking anybody's shit. Lazy to a point, he doesn't exactly go out of his way to do things unless it benefits him somehow. Surprisingly enough, he can be opportunistic, including when it comes to having a good time.

Good times with often vary; it can be anything from bumming around with pals in his apartment's living room to gambling, in spite of his age, with a couple of patrons that frequent a makeshift gambling ring that comes and goes within the alleys of Lumiose. The law's never exactly been his friend, and he's not about to lean over to kiss its ass.

Even when trouble does find him, and it does, quite often, he tends to shrug it off like it's no big deal. Lackadaisy is a true talent for this smug guy, even at the worst of times. He'll most likely opt to sleep on a couch or his pile of goodies back in his plateau home than actively be out and about doing good citizen deeds like good citizen is supposed to do, even on the job.

He can often be caught slacking off at the power plant, but a lying tongue often takes care of little interlopers who dare to think about calling him out on his bullshit. He's not exactly inclined to let others get him in trouble when he can cause all of the trouble he'll ever need for himself. This is one of the few things he can actually work towards in terms of seeing it through to the end, if only for the fact that he likes to pin stuff on others when they try to do it to him.

Lachlan always has to have the last laugh, although it usually won't come in the form of an argument's sake. As a matter of fact, he tends to avoid arguments at all costs. They're too wordy and usually result in catty fights he's prone to ignore rather than let permeate.

Lachlan's has always been more of the physical type than the verbal type, to begin with, and will almost always choose punching folks in the face over giving them a tongue lashing. To be honest, his punches do come quite hard, and can pack devastating power, in both human and feral forms, in spite of an average ATK stat. It's mostly due to the fact that Lachlan's a dragon and dragon's are, by nature, violent, ruthless, and physically overwhelming.

He does have his fair share of passions, however, such as the aforementioned ability to work with machines. In fact, a mild case of introversion has pushed him to prefer the companionship of cogs, wheels and gears over humans and other Pokémon, much like a nice, old lady to her thirty-some Skitty.

Friendships are far and few between with the Charizard. Disloyalty, brutal honesty and a sharp-tongue - in addition to his introversion - tend to keep people at bay. A sarcastic, snarky and borderline sadistic sense of humour and inability to take things seriously keeps everything else away.

He is capable of standing crowds - he is not enochlophobic - to some degree to stalk people-watch on occasion. During such an activity, he prefers having a vantage point, usually rooftops or even high buildings undergoing construction. Sitting and observing on girders is almost preferred, really, since he can get a clear take-off from them.

He dislikes anything that can impede him from flying, including a roof over his head. He doesn't mind the challenge of stormy weather, however, and will brazenly fly into rainstorms, even. The more room, the better, and there are few places that can provide as much space as the great, blue yonder.

Like any Charizard, Lachlan is capable of reaching high altitudes, but Lachlan can be found pushing the limits of his species by flying higher and dropping into a deadly nose-dive. Being a bit of an adrenaline junky that adores wide open spaces, Lachlan can't help but push his ambitions to the extreme.

Life-and-death situations are almost a little too common for the Charizard, and have more than once put his life in jeopardy. It could be the simple fact that he misses the ring and being on top of everything. It could also be a way he vents all the build up of emotions garnered over the years.

Probably the most compelling reason is that he's trying to deny that he is better than he is. He has a tendency to belittle himself, in spite of all he's persevered through, and finds his current state of existence intolerable. He's simply not 'good enough', as he often puts it.

Lachlan often has trouble coming to terms with the fact that he may be more sensible and intelligent than he lets on. By habit, he smokes folks who try to bring out that tidbit out of him.

Folks that can extract it - and there have been a few that managed to somehow - will find themselves suddenly short one Charizard. Again, friendships and relationships are far and few between with Lachlan. He's not particularly fond of bonds where it's required for him to get settled down. He's perfectly content with being on his own and lacking anything anchoring him to one spot for very long, outside of his chosen residences.

For him, the apartment he rents is only temporary. It's a cover-up for his more 'human' life until he fulfills his long-term goals of gathering together five other strong 'mon to storm the League, and to put some of Gang Frou's plans into motion.

Until then, he constantly suppresses his disdain for humans. While he isn't particularly a vain creature, he does hold himself higher than most humans and sees them as being inadequate to run the fighting circuits and advancing technology.

Lachlan actually does pride himself on his knowledge of machines. In spite of a lacking education, he was able to learn how various clockwork machines work through observation and listening alone. He's found that he's able to absorb and retain information for long periods of time, although he does have trouble regurgitating that information, and that often stunts him from expressing himself through words (unless it's to throw an insult).

When he's working alone with his machines, he finds that the wealth of knowledge he has accrued over the years comes to him easily. Being around others and trying to explain everything makes it difficult. Perhaps a fear of public speaking? Not necessarily; he's just never exactly had the chance to communicate to others in that manner, not without getting mad over something ridiculous.

He's also afraid to admit that he does have talent. If it's not with his machines, then it's probably with something else his hands are good at; he does spend an awful a lot of time sketching inanimate objects as a part of his job, and may not fully realize that he could potentially go somewhere with it.

Lachlan's artistic side most likely coincides with his more feminine side as well. Deep beneath the violence and hate for the world he tends to exude, there is a slight radiance of a softer, gentler side he is aware of, but is ashamed to let others see. A lifelong venture into battling has all but hardened his exterior to keep invasive trespassers from delving further into his personality core and seeing Lachlan for what he could and refuses to be.

Nonetheless, Lachlan still has to express his artistic side sometimes, and when he does, he makes sure he's alone in the sense that he's unapproachable at the time. While there isn't much that bothers him outside his own personal fears and being seen as weak, he has to constantly look over his shoulder to make sure there is absolutely no one around when there's a sketch pad in hand.

Unless it's at work. Then it's okay for people to see his diagrams and whatnot, but for the times he's not sketching diagrams, he's usually off sketching people or Pokemon. This is most likely done for the sake of his own sanity. He finds the habit relaxing and one of the few times - other than fighting - where he can truly let himself go.

Needless to say, he's one of those artists that can't help but get nervous when people are watching him over his shoulder. He doesn't particularly like getting nervous and will hog all his sketches and whatnot when people try. This is the easiest way to catch him off-guard and to get him all flustered. It's also probably the easiest way to get him to blush as he doesn't exactly feel much when he's being flirted to.

Flirting and foreplay aren't particularly his forte, and anything further is out of the question. He'll stick around for a few lines or so, but he'll most likely jet out the minute he senses something's up.

In accordance to his orientation, demisexual, he's not inclined to have any of that unless he feels a strong emotional bond, but this tends to complicate things further given he doesn't have a lot of interest in sticking around anybody for longer than he has to. He has places to go and people to not see, after all.

So, unless it'll wind up benefitting him somehow, such as a need to get on the person's good side to get results, he's gonna wing outta there faster than a Diglett can vanish underground. In short, he's pretty dang flighty.

Trust is something he values more than the average person, in spite of his own shortcomings. All secrets are withheld even from those deemed 'friend'. His story, his ambitions, his dreams, not a single thing is to be given unless he knows for certain that his friendship with someone else is concrete.

Deadly Sin(s);; Greed is his sin, by nature and by profession. As aforementioned, he's got a nice little cave tucked away in the desert where he likes to keep his treasure trove (it makes such a lovely nest).

The jewels within his hideaway are gathered from all sorts of sources, including swiping them from rival Sableye. Most of his more current earnings are from her mercenary work and occasional thefts. Thieving in the night is a cinch given his naturally dark scales and ability to fly away before the cops show up.

Lachlan hoards the jewels for their value and to sate his need to have shiny things. He is highly protective over his items and will not tolerate anyone getting their grubby little mitts on them.

Goals;; Lachlan's current goal is to learn TM26 Earthquake so he can take out his main weakness; Rock-types. His desert home is constantly getting assaulted by Rock and Ground-types, so having Earthquake to grant him an advantage is a much-needed goal.

Lachlan also plans to put his fighting to some actual good use as a League runner. He aims to find the strongest 'mon in Kalos to form a team and storm the in-Region League -- with his running as team captain, of course.

To ensure his place as king of the League runners, he aims to secure both Mega Stones Charizard are said to be able to use.

He also aims to fulfill his vendettas against those that wronged him when he was younger, one human at a time.

History;; Lachlan's origins are, arguably, darker than the scales that done his hide. Born in The Under, Orre, he was brought into the world thanks to a breeding ring specifically for Pokémon of the Dragon-type and Egg Group, bred for one purpose and one purpose only: fighting. Lachlan himself comes from a long line of bred dragons bred for the specific role. His bloodline in particular was bred for its ferocity.

His mother, a Charizard as black as he is now, Andromeda, was purposefully mated with an older, but still valued, veteran pit fighter Garchomp by the name of Avalon in the hopes of producing even fiercer fighters. The clutch Lachlan was born with was one of the first experimental groups born from the two dragons.

Lachlan has issues remembering just what his siblings look like. They weren't exactly together for very long, separated by an expert capable of sensing potential in each individual. Lachlan was labeled as one of those with said potential after it was discovered that he had inherited one of Avalon's moves: Dragon Pulse. Naturally, he was valued even more for her rare colouration, said to be capable of attracting even more attention for its rarity.

A few weeks after being born and segregated by potential, training began. Meek Pokémon swiped from poor, little trainers were used as bait and decoys to urge the selection of possible fighters to cause harm. Fighters that refused or simply didn't have the right fighting instincts also became toys to those that would and did.

Lachlan was among those that had the fighting instincts from the get-go, and would gladly bully the others into submission or even into death. He received very little praise from his humans, but he did quickly gain the respect born from fear out of his peers.

Things were relatively normal for a while. Lachlan was always at the top of his game, never once showing a bit of weakness. The price for that was simply too high, he understood, and always strived to better himself. The then-Charmander youngster hardly had a second thought about tearing down his opponents.

As Lachlan improved, he began to engage in the pit fights he had been bred to partake in. Much like the first punch he threw, he was a natural. His raw talent allowed him to rise through the ranks of the lower tiers with relative ease, if only for his Dragon Pulse.

For a short time, Lachlan got his first taste of happiness that came from something other than satisfying victories. He and his humans managed to enjoy a bit of fame, Lachlan got to evolve into a Charmeleon, and he was actually treated like a little princess. The spoils of his hard-earned training and competitive spirit put him on top as king and little Lachlan was getting recognition throughout The Under.

Naturally, his rising stardom managed to turn a few heads, one of which would change Lachlan's scenery. This human was a buyer who sought out little potential moneymakers such as Lachlan. This human started to poke its nose around Lachlan's 'home', if it could even be called that, and participated in the audience during his fights.

Lachlan himself was intrigued by the human. Their fascination with each other became a mutual thing. It wasn't like Lachlan hadn't seen a human like this one before; he could tell, just from a glance, that it was one of the big-wigs involved with the higher-ups running The Under's infamous fighting circuit. The fact that this type of human in particular was interested in him meant only one thing: he was a candidate to be taken higher than the slums of The Under. He could go topside, see the world, and extend his power in other arenas... It was a chance to be something more.

For the weeks that followed, Lachlan pushed himself to impress this one human until it became an obsession. He dished out more brutality than ever before, let his fires reign supreme, and carved his very essence into the carcasses of his opponents. His lust to exploit his raw talent grew with every battle under the scrutiny of that human.

Like the many times before, his ambitions were well-rewarded. The humans struck a deal and it was off to a new land for the Charmeleon.

In all honesty, Lachlan didn't have to travel far. One ride up the elevator shaft and he was treated to his very first view of true sunlight, and not some artificial lighting provided by the engineers of The Under. Pyrite Town was his first stop in a new, better life. Or, so he thought.

The pits in Pyrite dwarfed those in The Under by miles. Lachlan wasn't on top. In fact, he wasn't even on the bottom. He was the scum beneath the bucket.

Lachlan was caught off-guard by how intense these new fights were. His long-term winning streak was ruined within a matter of hours upon being purchased by a new owner. He was beaten and battered, hardly able to throw a punch without being clawed or bitten and tossed across the arena like a ragdoll.

On more than one occasion, he was nearly beaten to death, only to be nursed back to health to repeat the process. Confusion entered his life in full bloom; why was he so weak compared to the other Pokémon when he had spent his entire life fighting? When the chips were down, he had always been able to come out on top -- he had even evolved!

The answer was a simple one: he hadn't been bought to be a fighter. He had been bought to be a punching bag in rigged matches against far superior opponents. With this new-found theory in the light, Lachlan opted to get out before his life could be ended in the ring where all of his drives and passions had been born.

To this day, Lachlan isn't exactly sure how he managed to get away or how he crossed the desert surrounding Pyrite to reach Gateon. Regardless, he managed to make his way to the seaside port city and stowed away on one of the many ships docked there. The one he boarded was off to some far away Region where he was certain he would not be pursued.

The Region Lachlan wound up in was Kalos. Upon arrival, Lachlan was lost, starving and rather confused. Kalos was nothing like Orre and adapting to the new, lush environments proved to be exceedingly difficult.

Due to the fact Lachlan hadn't been born wild, he didn't know how to survive. He was far more familiar with the machinations of humans than he was with those of Pokémon. Still, accommodations were made and Lachlan used what he knew best to start to carve out a niche in the wilds of Kalos: brute force.

To his surprise, brute force was really all he needed to muscle his way into a more favourable position. Hunting came with ease due to his strength and the lack of proper training the wild Pokémon had. Unfortunately, the foreign food hardly sat right with his stomach and it took quite a bit before he could really get a taste for Kalosian meat.

Dissatisfied with just about every terrain Kalos had to offer, Lachlan took to wandering the Region until he could find a suitable place to settle down in. The trek took several weeks, if not months, but Lachlan eventually did come across somewhere he could call 'home' and live under comfortable condition: Route 13.

Although differing in some ways, Route 13 was a desert with a hot sun, sweltering heat, and rocky plateaus. However, another familiar sight hit Lachlan with a wave of nostalgia: the Kalos Power Plants.

Curiosity taking hold, Lachlan scouted the area. The Power Plant was far more advanced than the one from Pyrite, but he could recognize the more outdated technology, even managing to name a few of the gears and cogs within.

During his investigation of the Power Plant, Lachlan came across a Klink by the name of Tok. Lachlan had no interest in the gear-like Pokémon at first, but after a few hours of the stupid thing constantly following, despite his threats, began to make conversation with Tok.

Tok was apparently one of the gears and cogs that helped to run the machines smoothly. Other Klink - as well as the rest of the line - made up a good number of the machine parts, and had been imported from Unova to provide extra energy to the plant.

Lachlan and Tok wound up forming something of a bond. Lachlan found it easy to speak with Tok about his story and what he knew about machinery thanks to his time spent in the clockwork town, Pyrite.

Lachlan decidedly settled down relatively close to the Power Plant in a nearby plateau cave where he continues to make his home to this day. Little did he realize that the cavernous abode was home to many other species of Pokémon, such as Trapinch, Gible, their evolutionary lines, Sableye, and other such cave dwellers, all territorial terravores, consumers of the earth.

The Sableye were some of the easiest to pick off, even in groups. There could be hordes, and still he could outnumber them. Lachlan eventually claimed one of their nests, stockpiled with precious jewels. Much like the nest, the jewels became his and he found that he very much liked sleeping on top of them, in spite of their hard surfaces.

A new habit of hunting and tormenting the Sableye was born and this would lead to Lachlan's eventual evolution from a Charmeleon to a Charizard. From there, Lachlan began to go after larger prey and claim more territory within the cave, including a little oases of water coveted by many of the cave dwellers.

With his home secured, Lachlan took the liberty of venturing into the outer world as not to get left behind in the current events. Travels continued, but were mitigated to short visits to keep up the many territorial disputes that happened in his home. During one of these excursions, he caught word of some new invention that, surprisingly enough, was made by and for Pokémon.

Following the information to the source, he found that it was called a Dittech and that it could change a Pokémon into a human through some weird illusion technology that he didn't quite understand. Finding an interest in the Dittech, Lachlan went ahead and mugged the first human-disguised Pokémon he could find and tried it out for himself. Lo and behold, the rumours were true, and he found himself marauding around in fake human skin.

From there, the Charizard began to concoct a scheme. Why not establish a double-life as a Pokehuman like all the others? It seemed fun enough, and everyone who was anyone was doing it. Humans did have a way of finding and training stronger and stronger Pokémon as well as reveling in fame. It was a way to earn his glory back!

Finding his way back to the power plant, Lachlan re-established his connections with Tok. Lachlan exchanged information in exchange for Tok's help in getting a job at the plant. Tok assisted, and in no time flat, Lachlan was hired was a part-timer.

The only drawback to being a part-timer was the low pay. Lachlan was hardly eeking out a living, and needed more funds to finish establishing his human life.

And just like that, Lachlan started his campaign as a mercenary-for-hire, for both Pokémon and humans. It was a rocky start, but work eventually came with success and he was making a name for himself again. And it felt good.

But wait, why stop there? Humans in Kalos seemed to actually do more than battle nonsensically; hell, their entire government almost consisted of something called a 'League' that held sanctioned battles! Lachlan wanted in.

Another plan was devised, one that would bring the strongest 'mon in Kalos together to take on this League and be crowned Champions - without the aid of humans. Humans didn't know how to really battle in Kalos, Lachlan found, they were nothing like the battles in Orre. Someone needed to change that.

That lead Lachlan to find more rumours, about the warring factions: Kabu, Ursa and Frou. His interest were not in the two former, but in Frou, he found Pokémon whose goals and desires aligned with his. Pokehumans were a superior breed, a new race that could go further than what humans accomplished.

In spite of not being a fan of crowds, Lachlan saw this as an opportunity. He signed up with Frou as soon as he could while wrapping up the loose ends of his double-life. Present day, Lachlan is biding his time looking for the other five 'mon to join his League team while continuing to carve out a life as a Pokehuman as a mechanic and mercenary.


- Lachlan speaks with a Scottish accent.

- Lachlan's themes are Awoken, Bad Apple and Eye of the Storm.

- If it wasn't clear before, Lachlan is a FTM (female-to-male). He was born, biologically, as a female, but he identifies as male. He would have the corresponding surgery done if such a thing were available to Pokémon/Pokehumans; sadly, science hasn't had that many strides in gender changing, and Lachlan settles for hiding his female attributes.

- Lachlan is a bit sensitive on the topic of being a FTM if someone finds out he was born female. He will constantly and vehemently deny really being female and probably try to burn the person insisting that he really is.

- Because he was bred in a breeding ring designed for Dragon-types, he considers himself one, in spite of being a Fire/Flying-type.

- Admittedly, there isn't much that can get under Lachlan's skin these days. He's mellowed out a lot since joining Frou, and would opt to poke fun at others in a friendly, albeit sadistic, manner. One thing that does make him auto-angry is Fairy-types. Fairy-types within a nearby vicinity will automatically be charged and burned.

- Lachlan is entirely carnivorous, even in human form. He has no qualms about eating smaller and weaker Pokémon.

- Lachlan's tail flame is directly related to his health. The brighter and bigger it burns, the healthier he is. A low flame will indicate some sort of health issue or exhaustion.

- Lachlan's tail flame is also directly related to his life. If the tail flame stops burning and dies out, so will Lachlan. While he's not exceedingly overprotective of his tail flame, some situations will warrant caution out of him.


:bulletblack: Fay;; Lachlan 'met' the Gardevoir on his home route and attacked him on sight. Nearly killing him, he was only spared when a herd of Slugma and Magcargo showed up. Lachlan only left due to the Rock-type threat, but promised to finish Fay off if given the chance.

:bulletblack: Diamani;; Lachlan met up with this Sylveon on Route 7. Whilst burning a few flowers, Diamani made a poor attempt to stop Lachlan from reeking a bit of havoc. It turned into a fairy hunt on sight, with the two parting with Lachlan promising to come back to finish the job, as he does with all fairies, but that next time, Diamani better remember her reason for living.

User Info

Time Zone;; Mountain Time Zone (we lack DST here)

Chat Availability;; I am usually available 24/7, although my schedule can be erratic and fluctuates according to how busy I am. I will roleplay through Notes all day long. However, I have a preference for skype (username is ryuurogue) and you can usually catch me on there between 5:30 PM to however late I feel like staying up.

Role-Play Example;; Of all the things for Lumiose to offer... why did one of the bigger headlines have to belong to a strip joint? The place, judging from the outside, was tacky at best, with its name in typical neon lights.

The walls were stained, it smelled like a sewer, and there was some sort of green liquid pouring out from the gutter. Radioactive, if you asked Lachlan.

He was minding his own business off to the side, goggles drawn over his eyes... for the umpteenth time that evening. He was bored, having gone to check out the place only by the recommendation of one of his co-workers, said he wouldn't be disappointed it.

A shabby, rundown strip club wasn't exactly a source of entertainment. Maybe he was just being a little too uptight... or maybe it was just laziness. The latter was more likely, given his Lax nature.

"Imma punch yer face tomorrow morning, Rico..." he muttered under his breath.

There was a peculiar chime to his tone. It wasn't as... deep... as it could have, and probably should have, been. But for all intents and purposes, it still did its job of communicating with others, in human form and in feral form.

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Yep, stuck at my day job. I can note rp, but it'd be kinda slow and kinda sporadic.
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It's totally up to you what you want to do. I haven't a clue what kind of plot we could follow anyway
Tutyr Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2013
Ah, I hope to put up an rp tracker by tonight since those seem to be getting plenty of interactions, haha.
Wolven-bane Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Mine hasn't gotten any interaction but I only put up one idea that I'm gonna have to take down cuz Novaling agreed to have Seth convince Fay to get his Dittech and start acting like a Pokehuman if he wants to be allowed to interact with humans.
Tutyr Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2013
Ah, cool.
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